«Only yesterday the stone was lying on the ground, trampled by everyone. But tomorrow crowds of people will be admiring and kneeling before it» – these words of a French sculptor David d’Angers describe the essence of the art of sculpture very subtly. And when asked about the process of work the great Michelangelo used to say:“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it’’. Modern sculptures are seen not only as a means of adorning urban landscapes that are supposed to become tourist attractions – but as something that can be used inside of an apartment or house to make the interior more individual and expressive. In addition to it,a Russian sculpture just like any other piece of art can be a good object for investment. Among the people that we work with there are honored painters of Russia, members of the Russian Academy of Arts, whose paintings are stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum and other Russian and foreign museums. The main genres that we display are portrait, animalism, nudes all together with landscapes and still-life. But we probably consider the portrayal of a person in different forms (head, bust, statue, sculptural groups) to be the most interesting subject-matter for a sculpture. As for the materials – we have original sculptures for sale made of bronze, wood, marble and metal. And our main rule is to select thoroughly only the most interesting and unusual sculptures to sell excluding replicated nameless pieces. Buy apeculiar sculpture created by a distinctive Russian master right now!


The sorcerer
The sorcerer
2000, other, 8x5x5 cm
Alexey Chetverikov