ArtRussia is a gallery that sells works created by modern Russian artists. Opened in 2001, today it is one of the leading online paintings vendors in Russia. We work with the most well-known painters, sculptors, photographers from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other Russian cities, who are recognized not only in our country, but abroad as well – a fact which the international fame of the “ArtRussia Gallery” contributes to quite a lot.  Our painters are successful professionals, who have rich experience and high qualification.


In ArtRussia Gallery you can buy a painting created by a famous Russian artist or its high quality hand-signed print on canvas or special paper, which can one of the best presents a person can receive. We constantly have special offers for different paintings, and we really think that you will be pleased to see our prices for first-class pieces of art.


We believe that not only pictures can go well with a modern interior, though, so we definitely recommend you to consider sculptures and photographs as well, because they can make your design look more stylish and original. All of it can be easily found in ArtRussia Gallery, which works with the most talented masters from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Having looked through the website, you may find just the right art object to please yourself and adorn your house. But do not get upset if you feel that you cannot pick anything this time, just touch upon the beautiful without even standing up from your computer!


Our selection of the best pieces of art ever created, interesting articles on lives and work of prominent masters deserve just the same amount of attention as our sales service. If you have always dreamt of having yourself portrayed on canvas or want to surprise your near and dear with an amazing present – you can always commission a portrait from any of our artists. Moreover you can place an order for a copy of your favourite picture as well as wall and ceiling painting. We have done our best in order to make the purchase easy for you – from creating a user-friendly interface of the sales service to providing a free delivery within Moscow and its closest vicinities. You will definitely appreciate the fact that as a unit with every painting goes a certificate, which confirms the authenticity of the piece.


In our news streamline you can find all the up-to-date information about the events of the modern art world: openings of new exhibitions of recognized masters in the biggest museums as well as the most interesting regional displays; coverage of biennales, fairs, festivals and events like ‘Night in a museum’; auctions held by the most powerful auction houses; performances and lots and lots more. Sign up to stay in touch with the most important trends and occurrences on the modern art stage.


We hope that you will enjoy our thoughtful website design, created to make your search an even more pleasant one, turning it into not only a business, but also a pleasant activity. And if you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact our consultants, who will help you with any problem you face.