In “Masterpieces of world art” section we have a selection of images created by the greatest representatives of world schools from collections of famous museums like the Louvre, the Prado Museum, the Metropolitan Museum, the British Museum, National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., the Tate Gallery, the Uffizi Gallery and many other. We believe there can never be ‘too much’ art and exploration of the best examples of world art can help you develop good taste, form your own preferences and outlook, extend your knowledge, which will help you not only in selection of art objects for your house, but may be very useful when communicating with people, make you become a more interesting interlocutor. Moreover, if you are feeling the urge to touch upon the beautiful right now, but have no opportunity to get to a museum or a gallery right now, our website is just what you need. Even though, we believe you know the majority of the names and have probably been to one of the galleries that we have recalled already, the section can also be useful for educational purposes to broaden your mind and learn new names/styles. We also hope the page will be enjoyed by those who have not yet been to any big museums and will explore the greatest pieces of art ever created via our site.

World Masterpieces

Artist Artwork Name Creation Year The Storage Location
Alma Tadema Lawrence A Coign of Vantage 1895 Private collection
Alma Tadema Lawrence Love Votaries 1891 Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Alma Tadema Lawrence Love Votaries 1909 The Tate Gallery, London
Alma Tadema Lawrence Summer Offering 1911 Private collection
Alma Tadema Lawrence Unwitting rivals 1893 Museum and Art Gallery. Bristol
Benoist Marie-Guillemine Portrait of black woman 1800 Louvre, Paris
Bierstadt Albert Emigrants Crossing the Plains 1867 National Cowboy Hall and Western Heritage Center, Oklahoma City
Bierstadt Albert Storm in the Rocky Mountains 1866 Brooklyn Museum, New York
Bierstadt Albert View of the Yosemite Valley 1867 Haggin Museum, Stockton, CA
Botticelli Sandro Birth of Venus 1484 Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Botticelli Sandro Spring (Primavera) 1482 Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Botticelli Sandro Venus and Mars 1485 National Gallery, London
Boucher Francois Diana after the Bath 1742 Louvre, Paris
Boucher Francois Nude on the sofa 1752 Alte Pinakothek, Munich
Boucher Francois The Rape of Europa 1734 Wallace Collection, London
Boucher Francois The Toilet 1742 The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid
Boucher Francois The Toilet of Venus 1751 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Boucher Francois The Visit of Venus to Vulcan 1754 Wallace Collection. London
Bouguereau Adolphe-William A grateful donation 1867 Museum of Art, Philadelphia
Bouguereau Adolphe-William Nymphs and Satyr 1856 Art Institute Sterling & Francine Clark, Williamson
Bouguereau Adolphe-William Rest In Harvest 1865 Philbrook Museum of Art
Bouguereau Adolphe-William Soul Carried To Heaven 1878 Musee du Perigord, Périgueux
Bouguereau Adolphe-William The Abduction of Psyche 1895 Private collection
Bouguereau Adolphe-William The Dance 1856 Museum d'Orsay, Paris
Bouguereau Adolphe-William The Shell 1871 Private collection
Bouguereau Adolphe-William Young Girl Defending Herself Against Eros 1880 Museum Jean-P.Getti, Los Angeles
Bril Paul Hebe with Jupiter in the Guise of an Eagle 1610 Prado Museum, Madrid
Bronzino Agnolo Allegory with Venus and Cupid 1545 National Gallery, London
Bronzino Agnolo Lady with small dog 1530 Stedelev art institute, Frankfurt
Brueghel Jan Edge of the Forest (The Flight into Egypt) 1610 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Brueghel Pieter Hunters in the Snow 1565 Art and History Museum, Vienna
Brueghel Pieter Peasant dance 1568 Art and History Museum, Vienna
Caillebotte Gustave Paris Street, bad weather 1877 Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois
Caillebotte Gustave Sailboats in Argenteuil 1888 Museum d'Orsay, Paris
Caillebotte Gustave The Garden at Petit Gennevilliers in Winter 1894 Private collection
Caillebotte Gustave Villas in Trouville 1884 Montgomery Gallery / Kemper Corporation
Canaletto (Canal) Giovanni Antonio London. House of the Duke of Northumberland 1752 Collection of the Duke of Northumberland
Canaletto (Canal) Giovanni Antonio Reception of the French Ambassador in Venice 1740 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Canaletto (Canal) Giovanni Antonio San Marco Palace. Southeast side 1740 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Canaletto (Canal) Giovanni Antonio The Campo di Rialto 1763 Gemäldegalerie, Berlin
Canaletto (Canal) Giovanni Antonio View of the Ducal Palace in Venice 1755 Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Canaletto (Canal) Giovanni Antonio Westminster Bridge, London, with the procession of the Lord Mayor on the Thames 1747 Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut
Caravaggio Michelangelo Merisi da Amor Vincit Omnia 1602 Gemäldegalerie, Berlin
Caravaggio Michelangelo Merisi da Bacchus 1597 Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Caravaggio Michelangelo Merisi da The Entombment of Christ 1603-1604 Vatican Museum's Pinacoteca
Cassatt Mary For toilet 1891 Art Institute of Chicago
Cassatt Mary Girl combing her hair 1886 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Cassatt Mary Summer 1894 Terra Foundation for the Arts
Cassatt Mary Young mom 1900 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Cezanne Paul Apples and oranges 1899 Louvre, Paris
Cezanne Paul Blue vase 1887 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
Cezanne Paul Large Bathers 1906 Museum of Art, Philadelphia
Cezanne Paul Still Life with Jug and drapery 1899 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Cezanne Paul Table, doily and fruits 1890 Barnes Foundation, Merion, Pennsylvania
Cezanne Paul The girl at the piano - Overture to Tannhäuser 1870 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Chardin Jean-Baptiste Simeon Ray 1728 Louvre, Paris
Chardin Jean-Baptiste Simeon Still Life with Attributes of the Arts 1766 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Chardin Jean-Baptiste Simeon Still life with meat 1731 Louvre, Paris
Cole Thomas Mount Etna from Taormina 1844 Museum Lymon Allen, New London
Cole Thomas Swimming in life: Childhood 1844 Institute 'Munson-Williams Proctor', Utica, New York
Cole Thomas Swimming in the life: Youth 1842 Institute 'Munson-Williams Proctor', Utica, New York
Copley John Singleton Brooke Watson and the Shark 1778 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Copley John Singleton Two younger daughters of George III 1786 Collection of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain
Corot Jean-Baptiste-Camille Herd of goats 1843 Phillips Collection, Washington
Corot Jean-Baptiste-Camille Lady in Blue 1874 Louvre, Paris
Corot Jean-Baptiste-Camille View of the Colosseum from the Farnese Gardens 1826 Louvre, Paris
Corot Jean-Baptiste-Camille Woman with a pearl 1842 Louvre, Paris
Correggio Antonio Adoration of a child 1520 Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Correggio Antonio Jupiter and Antiope 1523 Louvre, Paris
Correggio Antonio Jupiter and Io 1530 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Correggio Antonio The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine 1527 Louvre, Paris
Correggio Antonio Venus with Mercury and Cupid (school of love) 1522 National Gallery, London
Courbet Gustave Meeting, or Hello, Mr. Courbet 1854 Musée Fabre, Montpellier
Courbet Gustave Sleepers, or Sleep 1866 Petit Palais Museum, Paris
Cranach Lucas Cry 1538 Museum of Art, Boston
Cranach Lucas Venus and Cupid 1530 Gemäldegalerie, Berlin
Dali Salvador A sad game 1929 Private collection
Dali Salvador Figure at a window 1925 Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid
Dali Salvador Premonition of Civil War 1936 Museum of Art, Philadelphia
Dali Salvador The Last Supper (the Last Supper Communion) 1955 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Dali Salvador The Persistence of Memory 1931 Museum of Modern Art, New York
Degas Edgar At the races in the village 1872 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Degas Edgar Blue dancers 1897 Pushkin Pushkin Museum, Moscow
Degas Edgar Dance school 1874 Shelburne Museum, Vermont
Degas Edgar Woman Combing Her Hair 1886 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Degas Edgar Woman standing on the knees 1884 Pushkin Museum, Moscow
Delacroix Eugène Dante and Virgil 1822 Louvre, Paris
Delacroix Eugène Orphan Girl at the Cemetery 1824 Louvre, Paris
El Greco Doménikos Repentance of Mary Magdalene 1597 Del Cau Ferrat Museum, Barcelona
El Greco Doménikos Saint Paul 1614 Museum of El Greco, Toledo
El Greco Doménikos The Holy Trinity 1577 Prado Museum, Madrid
Ernst Max The Angel of the Home Or the Triumph of Surrealism 1837 Private Collection
Gainsborough Thomas Blue boy 1770 Art Huntington Collection, San Marino, CA
Gainsborough Thomas Honorable Francis Dunkomb 1777 Frick Collection, New York
Gainsborough Thomas Mrs. Peter William Baker 1781 Frick Collection, New York
Gauguin Paul Never 1897 Gallery Courtauld Institute, London
Gauguin Paul Still Life with Fruit 1888 Pushkin Museum, Moscow
Gauguin Paul Tahitian Women (On the Beach) 1891 Museum d'Orsay, Paris
Gauguin Paul What are you jealous? 1892 Pushkin Museum, Moscow
Gentileschi Artemisia Judith Slaying Holofernes 1614-1620 Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
Godward John William A betrothed 1892 Guildhall Art Gallery, London
Godward John William A pleasant idleness 1904 Private collection
Godward John William Absence makes the heart to be more loving 1912 Private collection
Godward John William Melody 1904 Private collection
Godward John William Naked on the shore 1922 Private collection
Goya Francisco Manuel Osorio de Zuniga 1788 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Goya Francisco Marques de la Solana 1795 Louvre, Paris
Goya Francisco Spring (Flower girls) 1787 Prado Museum, Madrid
Goya Francisco The clothed Maja 1803 Prado Museum, Madrid
Goya Francisco The naked Maja 1800 Prado Museum, Madrid
Heda Willem Claesz Still life with crab 1648 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Heem Jan Davidsz de Flowers in the vase 1684 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Heem Jan Davidsz de Fruits and vase of flowers 1655 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Heem Jan Davidsz de Great still life with the bird's nest 1675 Dresden Art Gallery, Dresden
Heem Jan Davidsz de Still life with flower vase 1645 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Hunt William Holman Isabella and the Pot of Basil 1868 Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle
Hunt William Holman The awakening conscience 1853 Tate Gallery, London
Huysum Jan van Flowers 1720 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Huysum Jan van Still Life with Flowers and Fruit 1728 Private collection
Ingres Jean-Auguste Grande odalisque 1814 Louvre, Paris
Ingres Jean-Auguste Madame Muatese 1814 National Gallery, London
Ingres Jean-Auguste The Valpinçon Bather 1808 Louvre, Paris
Kahler Carl My Wife’s Lovers 1893 Private collection
Kahlo Frida Self-portrait dedicated to Leon Trotsky 1937 National Museum 'Women in Art', Washington
Kahlo Frida Self-portrait in a thorny necklace with hummingbird 1940 University of Texas, Austin
Kahlo Frida Self-Portrait with Monkey 1938 Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo
Kahlo Frida Two Frida 1939 Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City
Kalf Willem Still Life with Chinese Tureen 1660 Gemäldegalerie, Berlin
Klas Peter Still Life with herring 1636 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam
Klimt Gustav Kiss 1908 Austrian Gallery, Vienna
Klimt Gustav Portrait Fritz Ridler 1906 Austrian Gallery, Vienna
Liotard Jean-Étienne Chocolate Girl 1745 Dresden Art Gallery, Dresden
Magritte Rene Le fils de l'homme 1964 Private collection
Manet Edouard Bar at the Folies Bergere 1882 Courtauld Gallery, London
Manet Edouard Dejeuner sur L'Herbe 1863 Museum d'Orsay, Paris
Manet Edouard Flutist 1866 Museum d'Orsay, Paris
Manet Edouard Fruit Basket 1864 Private collection
Manet Edouard Olympia 1863 Museum d'Orsay, Paris
Manet Edouard Railway 1873 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Marquet Albert Harbour Menton 1903 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Matisse Henri Bathing at the river 1916 Art Institute of Chicago
Matisse Henri Dance II 1910 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Matisse Henri Harmony in Red 1908 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Matisse Henri Music 1910 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Matisse Henri The family of the artist 1911 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Matisse Henri Zora on the terrace 1912 Pushkin Museum, Moscow
Melzi Francesco Flora около 1520 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Modigliani Amedeo Girl in a blouse in a pea 1919 Barnes Foundation, Merion
Modigliani Amedeo Portrait of Paul Guillaume 1916 Art Gallery "Bellagio", Las Vegas
Modigliani Amedeo Reclining Nude from the Back 1917 Barnes Foundation, Merion
Monet Claude Boulevard des Capucines in Paris 1873 State Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin
Monet Claude Boulevard des Capucines in Paris 1873 Museum of Art, Kansas City, United States
Monet Claude Haystacks. The end of the summer 1891 Art Institute of Chicago
Monet Claude Hotel des Roches Noires, Trouville 1870 Pushkin Museum, Moscow
Monet Claude Impression (Sunrise) 1872 Museum 'Marmottan', Paris
Monet Claude Luncheon on the Grass 1866 Pushkin Museum, Moscow
Monet Claude Parliament, London, Sun streaming through fog 1904 Museum d'Orsay, Paris
Monet Claude Still life: apples and grapes 1879 Art Institute of Chicago
Monet Claude The Magpie 1868—1869 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
Monet Claude Train Station at Saint-Lazare 1877 National Gallery, London
Monet Claude Water Lilies (Clouds) 1903 Private collection
Morisot Berthe The Harbor at Lorient 1869 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Munch Edvard The Scream 1893 National Gallery, Oslo, Norway
Oudry Jean-Baptiste White duck 1753 Private collection
Picasso Pablo Bagpipe of Pan 1923 Picasso Museum, Paris
Picasso Pablo Boy with a Pipe 1905 Private collection
Picasso Pablo Composition with Skull 1908 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Picasso Pablo First communion 1896 The Picasso Museum, Barcelona
Picasso Pablo Girl on the Ball 1905 Pushkin Museum, Moscow
Picasso Pablo Green Bowl and Black Bottle 1908 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Picasso Pablo Les Demoiselles d'Avignon 1907 Museum of Modern Art, New York
Picasso Pablo Nude, Green Leaves and Bust 1932 Private collection
Picasso Pablo Self portrait: I'm Picasso 1901 Private collection
Picasso Pablo Sleep 1932 Private collection
Picasso Pablo Still Life with Guitar 1921 Gallery Rosengart. Lucerne
Picasso Pablo Woman with a Fan 1908 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Picasso Pablo Woman with flower 1932 Galerie Beyeler, Basel
Pissarro Camille Avenue de L'Opera, Paris 1898 Pushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia
Pissarro Camille Boulevard Montmartre. In the afternoon, sunny 1897 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Pissarro Camille Frost 1873 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
Pissarro Camille L'Hermitage At Pontoise 1867 Guggenheim Museum, New York
Pissarro Camille Red roofs 1877 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
Raphael Santi Madonna di Foligno 1512 Vatican Museum, Rome
Raphael Santi Sistine Madonna 1514 Gemäldegalerie, Dresden
Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn Artemis 1634 Prado Museum, Madrid
Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn Self-portrait 1658 Frick Collection, New York
Renoir Pierre-Auguste Ball at the Moulin de la Galette 1876 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
Renoir Pierre-Auguste Bathers 1887 Museum of Fine Arts, Philadelphia
Renoir Pierre-Auguste Bathing on the Seine (Paddling) 1869 Pushkin Museum, Moscow
Renoir Pierre-Auguste Breakfast boaters 1881 Phillips Memorial Gallery, Washington
Renoir Pierre-Auguste Child with a Whip 1885 The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
Renoir Pierre-Auguste Nude (Mademoiselle Anna) 1876 Pushkin Museum, Moscow
Renoir Pierre-Auguste Nude in sunlight 1876 Museum d'Orsay, Paris
Renoir Pierre-Auguste On the terrace 1881 Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago
Renoir Pierre-Auguste Portrait of the Actress Jeanne Samary 1877 Pushkin Museum, Moscow
Renoir Pierre-Auguste Rowers at the Chateau 1879 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Renoir Pierre-Auguste Still life with southern fruits 1881 The Art Institute of Chicago
Renoir Pierre-Auguste Swing 1876 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
Rousseau Henri Dream 1910 Museum of Modern Art, New York
Rousseau Henri Fight Tiger and Buffalo 1909 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Rousseau Henri Surprise! 1891 National Gallery, London
Rubens Peter Paul Daniel in the lions' den 1615 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Rubens Peter Paul The Union of Earth and Water 1618 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Rubens Peter Paul Three Graces 1639 Prado Museum, Madrid
Rubens Peter Paul Venus and Adonis 1610-1611 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Seurat Georges Bathers in Asirese 1887 National Gallery, London
Seurat Georges Canal in Gravelines in the direction of the sea 1890 Kroller Muller Museum, Otterlo
Seurat Georges Sunday walk on the Island of La Grande Jatte 1886 Art Institute of Chicago
Sisley Alfred Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne 1872 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Sisley Alfred Flood at Pont-Marley 1876 Museum of Beaux-Arts, Rouen
Sisley Alfred Moret-sur-Loing 1891 Galerie H. Odermatt-Ph. Cazeau, Paris
Sisley Alfred Station at Sevres 1879 Private collection
Sisley Alfred The road through the forest in Roche-Curto, San Martin, summer 1880 Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal
Sisley Alfred The town of Villeneuve-la-Garenne 1872 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Sisley Alfred Windmill of Provence in the Maures 1883 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam
Snyders Frans Fish shop 1621 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Snyders Frans Still life 1613 Private collection
Snyders Frans Still Life with Game and Lobster Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Tiziano Vecellio Penitent Mary Magdalene 1560 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Tiziano Vecellio Rape of Europa 1562 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston
Tiziano Vecellio Sacred and Profane Love 1514 Galleria Borghese, Rome
Tiziano Vecellio Venus and Adonis 1555 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Tiziano Vecellio Venus of Urbino 1538 Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Tiziano Vecellio Venus with a Mirror 1555 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Turner William Snow Storm: Hannibal and His Army Crossing the Alps 1812 Tate Gallery, London
Turner William The Fighting Temeraire 1839 National Gallery, London
Van Dyck Anthony Charles I, King of England, on the hunt 1635 Louvre, Paris
Van Gogh Vincent A road in Auvers after the rain 1890 Pushkin Museum, Moscow
Van Gogh Vincent Branches With Almond Blossom 1890 Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Van Gogh Vincent Field with Poppies 1889 Kunsthalle, Bremen
Van Gogh Vincent Four cut sunflowers 1887 Kroller-Moller Museum, Otterlo
Van Gogh Vincent Harvest 1888 Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Van Gogh Vincent Irises 1889 Museum Jean-P.Getti, Los Angeles
Van Gogh Vincent Self-portrait 1889 Museum d'Orsay, Paris
Van Gogh Vincent Self-portrait with bandaged ear 1889 Courtauld Institute Gallery, London
Van Gogh Vincent The Starry Night 1889 Museum of Modern Art, New York
Van Gogh Vincent Vase with Twelve Sunflowers 1888 Neue Pinakothek, Munich
Van Gogh Vincent Village Street in Auvers 1890 Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki
Van Utrecht Adriaen Pantry 1642 Prado Museum, Madrid
Van Utrecht Adriaen Still life with bouquet and a skull 1642 Private collection
Van Utrecht Adriaen Still Life with Grapes 1640 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Velazquez Diego Christ in the House of Martha and Mary 1618 National Gallery, London
Velazquez Diego Maria Theresa of Spain 1652-53 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Vermeer Jan Girl in the red hat 1665 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Vermeer Jan Girl with a Pearl Earring 1660 Royal Cabinet of Paintings, The Hague
Vinci Leonardo da Madonna Litta 1491 Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Vinci Leonardo da Mona Lisa (La Gioconda) 1506 Louvre, Paris
Vinci Leonardo da Portrait of a Lady with an Ermine 1483 The National Museum, Krakow
Vinci Leonardo da Saviour of the World Private collection