Thank you for visiting ARTRUSSIA! If you wish to make your purchase, please, read the following information.


Buying an artwork from our online gallery includes its obligatory reservation because it takes some time to decide on the terms of shipment/delivery. The main points to be worked out during this period are:

    1. In case there is more than one purchased item you have to decide if the items should be shipped together in one package or in different packages. (The price of one item shipment depends on the number of items in one package);
    2. Choosing shipment/delivery company. Prices and terms of shipment are different for every company. 



After you have opened the page with an image of the chosen artwork click on "Buy" button. You will be offered to fill in a registration form with login, password and e-mail fields. (If you have already registered with us you will only have to enter your username and password clicking on "Registered customers entry"). After the registration you will have to confirm your purchase. Immediately after receiving your order by e-mail our manager will contact you to discuss the terms of shipment preferable for you.

If you now return to the page with the image of chosen item, you will notice that "Buy" button changed to "Reserved". From this point on, until the purchase is completed (or canceled) the chosen item will be reserved for you. To view other items you have previously reserved just click "My orders".

After you have chosen the type of shipment you will receive a bill which includes the price of the chosen item(s) as well as packaging, insurance and shipping charges. You can choose you preferred payment method, including payment by credit card (see "How to pay").

You can cancel your purchase without any loss of money until you have made your payment. You can return your purchase even after you have paid if the delivered artwork is not what you expected.

After the payment you have transferred is on our account the item(s) will be delivered to you via a courier (if shipping location is Moscow) or sent via one of delivery companies (see "Delivery/Shipment"). After receiving your purchase you have to check its undamaged condition and authenticity and confirm it with your signiture.

Attention! If you liked an artwork but found it too expensive, contact our sales department by form or by phone +7(095)746-0946 and feel free to express your wishes about the price. Our manager will then try to contact the author and negotiate about the price.

How to pay

Attention! Make your payment only after you have decided on the terms of shipment/delivery of the chosen item(s). (See "Reservation").

You can make your payment by any noncash method via any bank of Russia or any other country. The number of our account are given below.

You can also pay by credit card.
The security of credit card payment is guaranteed by the international payment system "ESCROW.COM" (
Also, ESCROW.COM reduces the potential risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds and disburses funds according to Buyer and Seller instructions.
ESCROW.COM accepts the majority of credit cards, including: VISA, Eurocard/MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, STB.



We offer you various options of the purchased artwork shipment:

    Via a courier, free delivery - around Moscow;
    Via EMS "Garantpost" (Express Mail Service world network) - all countries of the world;
    Via "DHL" world courier service - all countries of the world. 

With any of these companies your purchase will be delivered to you personally.

Shipping via all these companies differs in delivery charge, time, location and additional services but is equally reliable and safe.

Look for more information about each of the companies at their websites: - EMS "Garantpost"; - "DHL";

All these companies are equally popular with us. But if you have difficulty in choosing between them we will be happy to give you a consultation.



Dear customer!

As far as the purchased item is often a precious artwork delivered to long-distance locations, the role of packaging is very important. The only exception is when the purchase is delivered via our courier. Unfortunately this type of delivery is available only for the customers located in Moscow.

The price and type of packaging we use depend on many things among which are whether the purchased item has a stretcher (for pictures), and the type of material the purchased artwork is made of - bronze, precious kinds of wood, ceramics, birch tree bark (for sculptures, carvings and decorative works) etc.

Our aim is to ship the purchased artwork to you in undamaged condition. This is why we pay so much attention to packaging.