1865, canvas, oil, watercolor, 276x202 cm
Storm on the North Sea, 1865, Aivazovskiy Ivan, Feodosia art gallery paintings to artist of ArtRussia

The Artwork Description

One of the most emotional and at the same time "laconic" paintings in the collection of the Feodosia Art gallery - painting "Storm at the North Sea" (1865). At the scene, and the composite against it is close to the famous painting "The Ninth Wave", but differs from it low-key color scheme. The majestic beauty of the raging sea, it seems to dense black thick blue of the night sky. The artist seeks to convey a formidable force and power of the elements, which continue to fight bravely crashed sailors. Through skillful composition solution found visibly felt the height of the night sky, boundless barely illuminated moon stormy sea.