1848, canvas, 220x188 cm
The Battle on 25-26 June 1770, 1848, Aivazovskiy Ivan, Feodosia art gallery paintings to artist of ArtRussia

The Artwork Description

The outstanding victory of the Russian fleet in the same war devoted to the painting "The Battle" (1848). After the battle of Chios Turkish fleet had taken refuge for the night in the bay of Cesme, at the Anatolian shores, he was killed went down in the bay of the Russian squadron, commanded by admiral GA Spiridonov. In this battle, particularly distinguished Brander under the command of Lieutenant D. S. Ilyina, who managed to set fire to the enemy ship. The fire spread to other Turkish court; deal completed the Russian naval guns. From left in the foreground of the painting depicts the Turkish sailors fleeing the wreckage of their ships, to the right - the dark mass of the ship, a small boat with rowers, blasted the Turkish court; in the background is seen the fire lit by the glow of the eastern city, a terrace, located on the ledges of the hill. The impression of picture night fire is enhanced by the sharp contrast between crimson and gold bursts of fire and the pale light of the moon, vyglyanuvshey from behind the clouds. The unusual story, brightness and richness of color, some teatralizovannost composite solutions bring the painting to the romantic works of K. Briullov.