Highlighting the new opportunities introduced by the invention of photography a French artist of XXI century Paul Delaroche wrote: “from today, painting is dead”. It is quite a controversial thing to say, of course, and opinions on the matter differ. As if making a conclusion within the endless debate one writer said in 1913: “…the question whether photography is actually art will be open as long as photography exists”. The time showed who was right. Today photography is undoubtedly recognized as an important and all-sufficient element of the visual arts. It is enough just to look at the prices paid for the works of the most prominent photographers of our time to prove the fact. It is not a rare case for a painting to be made in such a realistic manner that it would look like a photograph, but sometimes it can be just vice versa with a photo looking as if made with oil or any other paint on a canvas. In ArtRussia Gallery we have different photographs for sale: you can always find the most interesting landscapes, still-lives and nudes taken by famous Russian photographers. Pay attention to the Russian Limited Edition Photos, which is a selected series of works, all of which are hand-signed by the photographer and given its own number. Every photo of this kind is unique and can serve not as only a decoration of an interior, but become an object of investment, collecting or simply a gift. Buy an original photography taken by a Russian photographer right now!


Anagrams of street #3
Anagrams of street #3
paper, digital photo
Andrey Abramov
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