All-Russian exhibition of art crafts "Living Source" opens in the Moscow Manege

All-Russian exhibition of art crafts "Living Source" opens in the Moscow Manege
12 October 2017, Thursday

From October 16 to October 25, 2017, the All-Russian Exhibition of Folk Art Crafts "Living Source" will be held in the Central Manezh.

The project is dedicated to the 115th anniversary of the first All-Russian handicraft exhibition held in 1902 in the Tauride Palace of St. Petersburg. It was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and State Property and was under the aegis of the patron saint of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. The extensive exposition, divided into 19 thematic groups, blossomed with bright colors of carpets, fabrics, embroideries and filled with amazingly diverse crafts by folk craftsmen - from simple bast shoes to precious elegant trinkets. Almost four thousand participants from 56 regions represented their products in this show.
All-Russian handicraft exhibition has turned into a genuine festival of folk labor and art. It had a wide resonance in the press. Contemporaries wrote about this exhibition: "The Russian capital ... amazed and amazed, contemplated the fruits of folk art".

The carrying out of all-Russian handicraft exhibitions under the aegis of the government shows how seriously the authorities of pre-revolutionary Russia treated the development of folk crafts in which the multi-million rural population of our country participated.

Unfortunately, the revolutionary break-up that Russia experienced in 1917-19, struck hard on traditional culture - the crafts fell into decay, and only in post-revolutionary years they begin to reborn. The art of folk handicrafts - Khokhloma, Gorodets painting, Palekh lacquer miniatures, Mstera, Kholui, Skopinskaya ceramics, northern Ustyug blacks, art of lace making, Kholmogory carved bone and others start a new life. A special role in this was played by special government decrees.

Throughout the Soviet period in the field of folk art crafts, completely new, special processes developed. Artists and masters in their work sought to experiment with the material and, most importantly, to express their own attitude to the world around them and to the events of the time. The works created by them were demonstrated at the largest all-Union, republican and foreign exhibitions.

The exhibition features more than 500 stock exhibits of those years, which clearly illustrate various aspects of life in our country, both pre-revolutionary and Soviet period. The range of topics is wide and diverse: the flame of the revolution and victory in the fight against fascism, the achievement of peaceful construction - the development of virgin lands and great construction sites, sports records and the conquest of outer space, the appeal to folk traditions, the flowering of theater and cinema, native spaces and long voyages, literature and poetry, love and friendship - all that excited the artists of that time.

The post-Soviet period from 1992 to the present time will feature highly artistic works by craftsmen and craftsmen from more than 140 craft organizations from 48 regions of Russia, including the work of students of specialized professional and higher educational institutions.

Guests of the exhibition will see the works of folk art, released from the hands of modern masters - lace-makers of Ryazan, Vologda, Yelets; feel the velvet cool of the Kasli art cast, immerse yourself in the fairy-tale depth of the Russian lacquer miniature, warm yourself in the golden and cinnabar rays of the Khokhloma painting, return to the ancient sources of our culture, touch the skopinskaya ceramics and admire the enduring talent of the people, examining the unimaginable beauty of the Kadoma gem, Zlatoust, Moscow craftsmen who create inimitable in style decorated blades.

In form, an exhibition of folk art crafts - a journey into the world of man-made beauty and acquaintance with people who create it. The aim of the exhibition is to show that this genuine beauty of the works of the Russian original folk art exists up to now. And as long as it is accompanied by the moral, economic and environmental situation in the society, and most importantly - state support - it will exist. Moreover, folk art crafts - a kind of indicator of spiritual well-being in society.

The exposition will be supplemented by rare archival footage, video materials, films about the most vivid and significant art crafts, leading folk artists - representatives of the multinational culture of the peoples of Russia.

Today, a century later, the exposition of the exhibition will allow you to feel the atmosphere of those bright epochs in the history of our country, and contemporary events, heroes and artistic ideas.

October 16-October 25, 2017
Central Manege, Manege Square, 1

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