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Question: How could you, an Armenian artist with southern use of colour and temperament of Armenian school of painting, feel so well a typical landscape of Middle Russia?
Sarkis: Wherever I worked in Armenia or Russia I always painted from nature. Here in Russia, I was impressed by nature which is very special: a lot of air and light this is a collection of airy landscapes, their quickly changing colour and light fragments.

Gogorian has been painting landscapes in Armenia, Russia, many faraway countries, travelling around the world and absorbing impressions. But the charm and magic of his works lies in the synthesis of artistic traditions and creation on their basis individual and deeply personal artistic style.

In his numerous series of Russian landscape paintings the painter shows us the world of wide fields and clean transparent air, calm rivers with their banks majestically dissolving in the fog and shimmering with silver and blue.

The painters virtuosity helps him to convey the subtlety of natures different states. Gogorian managed to show the richness of nature colours in their changing variety. His works are airy, light and graceful, slightly mysterious. They attract the audience by their noble refined beauty enriched with deep erudition of the artist.

Each work of Sarkis Gorgorian is real painting, tender and complex. His method painting from nature and development of painting traditions always arouses keen interest of his audience.


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